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Britain told about the plan for a “political war” against Russia

China and Russia hope to defeat Britain and other Western powers “without going to war.” Measures to counter this were presented by the head of the defense Staff of the United Kingdom, General Nick Carter, reports Express,

The General said that Moscow and Beijing are already waging a “political war” against the West in order to “break its will”, which does not require a full-scale war. In particular, disinformation campaigns, cyber attacks, and mass surveillance are considered tools in such a conflict. In addition to Russia and China, Britain highlighted similar behavior from North Korea and Iran.

Carter called for a radical change in thinking to counter this. He noted that London needs to fight “below the threshold of war” in order to prevent opponents from achieving their goals, as happened with the annexation of Crimea. In addition, Carter spoke about the integration of all types of British troops and cooperation with the allies.

This is not the first time Carter has talked about a possible war between Moscow and London. So, last year, the Russian Embassy in the UK sent a note of protest to the country’s foreign Ministry because of its words that Moscow’s policy could lead to an armed conflict. According to diplomats, Carter specifically tried to give viewers and readers the impression that Russia’s actions in Syria would lead to an armed conflict with Britain.

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