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Biden’s staff began selling t-shirts asking them to shut up trump

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden continues to Troll his rival Donald trump: his staff has started issuing t-shirts asking him to shut up about the current American leader. This is written by The Hill.

The t — shirts are printed with the face of a frustrated trump, and on top of them is the “Shut up, man” sign that Biden used to try to stop his opponent during the debate. Clothes sell for $ 30-33 apiece.
During the debate, which took place at the Case Western Reserve University auditorium in Cleveland on September 30, trump repeatedly interrupted Biden. Unable to stand it, the Democrat demanded that the Republican be silent. “Will you shut up? This is so UN-presidential,” he said indignantly. “Keep talking,” Biden added.

During the election race, candidates for the post of President of the United States repeatedly Troll each other. So, in early September, the trump campaign headquarters published a video of the Democrat sleeping in an interview. Later, however, it turned out that it was not Biden, but singer Harry Belafonte.

In turn, Biden’s staff also affected trump: supporters of the Democrat recently purchased a domain and launched a website that contains criticism of the head of state. On it, you can see a list of the President’s “unfettered promises”, including increasing the number of jobs, fighting terrorism and the coronavirus pandemic.

The second debate of candidates for the post of head of the American state will be held on October 15 in Miami, Florida, and the third — in Nashville, Tennessee. The US presidential election will be held on November 3.

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