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Biden nominated for the Nobel peace prize

Chris Bryant, a member of the British labor party, has nominated Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, for the Nobel peace prize. This is reported by the Evening Standard.

As the British politician explained to the publication, at a time when others resorted to violent decisions, Biden argued that “the best force is the power of argument.”

“Because guns can stop the heart, but well — placed words can change many hearts, and many hearts can change the world,” Bryant explained.

Earlier, the special representative of the current US President Donald trump, Richard Grenell, said that the administration of the head of the White house, as well as the administrations of Kosovo and Serbia, were nominated for the Nobel peace prize. The reason for this is the historic agreement reached by representatives of the Serbian state and the partially recognized Albanian Republic at a meeting in Washington.

On September 24, Professor and academician of the international Academy of Sciences of San Marino Sergey Komkov nominated Russian President Vladimir Putin for the Nobel peace prize for providing humanitarian and medical assistance to 27 countries during the pandemic and for mentioning God in the Constitution.

The Nobel prize will be awarded on September 10, 2021 in Oslo.

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